Client Testimonials

“I can’t recommend anyone more strongly than Rick. He helped me accomplish my dream of playing the PGA Tour.”
– D. A. Points, PGA Tour


“Through his outstanding work with golfers of all levels, but in particular, players of the highest level, Rick has demonstrated a thorough understanding of not just the golf swing but the entire game and how to play it.”
– Jim Hardy, Top 50 Golf Instructor Golf Digest

“I would recommend Rick to any level of golfer from a Tour player to a high handicapper.”
– Peter Jacobsen, Champions Tour



“In the times I have both taught with and observed Rick teach, he possesses the unique quality of quickly diagnosing impact and provides an immediate solution the student can understand and execute.”
– Stan Utley, Top 50 Golf Instructor Golf Digest


“In 8th grade, I broke part of my eye socket playing baseball and decided I wanted to start playing golf. At that point, I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell you how many holes a golf course actually had. If you would have then told my freshman self that I would have the opportunity to play golf in college, me and my 108 average probably would have just laughed. I don’t post often but today was my last collegiate round and I couldn’t help feeling slightly emotional after a long journey. I was able to shoot -2 for my lowest career tournament round at IWU and I can’t help but be so thankful for what golf has done in my life the last 8 years. I’ve made lifelong friends, traveled the country and ultimately learned a lot about myself. That being said, there’s no way I could have reached the goals I had set if it wasn’t for the help and unbelievable support of my friends and family. Because of you, I achieved things I never thought I was capable of. So thank you to every single one of you that helped me along the way, I couldn’t be more blessed with the people that have been put into my life.” – Jeff Galvan











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